November 08, 2009

Hybrid Engine and Car Basics

Hybrid Engine and Car Basics - A Solution For You?

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Engine and Car Basics By Harold Baldwin

Hybid Engines and Hybid Cars are a hot topic today. Even cartoons portray hybrid cars and people that drive them as cool and concerned about the environment, or sometimes uptight environmentalists. A hybrid engine is a gasoline engine with an electric motor system added. The electric motor takes a battery. The engine runs primarily off the battery while there is battery power, but switches to gasoline when there isn't enough power left in the battery.

Hybrid cars are more expensive than non hybrids, but they have fewer emissions, actually none when running off electricity. Future models may incorporate a plug in feature to further reduce emissions.

Take a hybrid for a test drive!

Hybrid Cars - Are You Ready For Them?

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Cars By Roger Cruz

What is a hybrid car?

Basically, hybrid cars do not use a specific type of fuel system such as the traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. There are essentially 2 kinds of hybrid cars today. With increasing gas prices, this is quickly changing.

Car makers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes and even BMW and Lexus have come out with new models of hybrid cars with even better horsepower and fuel efficiency, not to mention sleeker designs. The cost of owning a hybrid car has also come down, leading to them being a viable choice to traditional cars.

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