October 16, 2009

Chrysler Future Hybrid Cars

Chrysler Hybrid Cars

Exclusive summary about Chrysler Hybrid Cars By Terry P Reeves

This years Detroit Auto show had several new additions to the Hybrid Cars of The Future. The 2008 Hybrid Cars have made an impact but these concept Hybrid Cars from Chrysler blows them away. The Social Impact of Hybrid Cars is plain to see by the amount of interest in Hybrid Cars lately that the general public has shown.

Why Hybrid Cars Get Great Mileage is because of their duel power system and this Luxury Hybrid Car is no exception. This Hybrid Car will be high in the List of Hybrid Cars Coming soon. This Chrysler marvel has all the Benefits of Hybrid Cars and Off Road Capabilities combined.

The Tax Rebate on both Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars Gives added incentive for everyone to take a second look at these cars in the future.

Chrysler Aspen Hybrid Review - The Pros and Cons

Exclusive summary about Chrysler Hybrid Cars By Craig F Stevens

Chrysler's answer is to add a dual-mode hybrid gas-electric drive system to the Durango's refined cousin.

The Aspen Hybrid utilizes a 300-volt battery pack which is located under the second row seats. That's enough juice to handle cruising city streets under electric power alone. Fuel economy should climb to 18 MPG in the city and 19 MPG on the highway over the standard 13/18. Considering that the Aspen Hybrid is only being offered with Chrysler's AWD system, that's extremely impressive.

For approximately $45,000 the Aspen Hybrid is an exceptionally attractive hybrid LSUV.

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