May 11, 2009

BMW Hybrid Car

BMW Hybrid Car - Hybrid Technology and Luxury Collide

Exclusive Summary About BMW Hybrid Car by Joseph Then

Now BMW is going to be providing a BMW hybrid car for those who want the hybrid technology with the customary luxury of a BMW. BMW has always been a great car manufacturer with many great innovations in the past few years, and you can be sure that the new BMW hybrid car is going to live up to the standards of BMW.

A Different Technology

When it comes to the BMW hybrid car, this company is looking at a technology that is a bit different than
what most other car manufacturers are using for their hybrid vehicles.

Hydrogen is Their Goal

The end goal that BMW has in mind is to come with a car that actually runs totally on
hydrogen, instead of just having a BMW hybrid car. With a BMW hybrid car, technology and luxury truly do combine for an excellent vehicle that is environmentally friendly and stylish as well.

Great Features Still Offered

Of course when it comes to the BMW hybrid car, you are still going to find all the great
features that you expect in a car made by BMW. With a BMW, you can be assured that you will still get power, style, elegance, and of course sophistication when you purchased a BMW hybrid car.

Gas Savings and a Cleaner Environment

So, not only are you going to get the luxury and class you expect from BMW, but with the BMW hybrid car you’ll be able to help save the environment. Of course you will also be able to enjoy huge savings on gas as well, since the new hybrids are designed for better
gas mileage and of course they use less gas as well.

BMW Hybrid Car SAV Highlights

BMW is a leading automobile company that sells a wide range of vehicles, including hybrid cars. The new BMW hybrid car is the BMW X5 SAV.

The BMW hybrid car is nothing short of its competition. Here is a run down of the BMW X5 SAV hybrid:

- Introduced in Spring 2004.

- Features a combustion engine with power assistance from an electric motor.

- Produces a 479.35 ft-lbs of low end torque.

- Has increased performance over the gasoline version of the same model.

- Gas mileage improved over non-hybrid model is 15 to 20%.

- Has features and extras same of that of the non-hybrid vehicle.

- Considered a luxury answer to the demand for hybrid cars.

- Four exhaust pipes on the X5 M version yet to be released, which is unique to this vehicle.

With the new interest in hybrid cars, it is no surprise BMW is working so hard to provide the luxury car market with amazing
electric vehicles. The BMW X5 SAV is the answer to luxury car buyers who are looking for that luxury SAV.

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