March 04, 2010

Hybrid Car Tax Rebate

hybrid car tax rebate

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Car Tax Rebate by Jackson Franklin

To encourage purchase of hybrid cars the United States Government has instituted a tax rebate program for those who buy a hybrid vehicle. The higher the increase in fuel efficiency, the higher the tax rebates.

Does Buying Hybrid Save Money?

Because hybrid vehicles cost more than conventionally powered cars the tax rebate can potentially even the playing field for hybrid cars by making up the difference. The tax rebate attempts to remove the cost barrier as a negative to driving hybrid and prompt more people to consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle and, through that increased potential demand, prompt car manufacturers to increase production and expand their offerings of hybrid models.

Granted, the production of electricity likely produces less pollution, in aggregate, than producing similar power through burning gasoline but it's difficult to argue that electricity is a pollution-free fuel source and a power source that should be relied on in future hybrid technologies.

Rebates for Electric Cars

Exclusive summary about Rebate for Electric Cars (Hybrid Cars) by Levi Quinn

Electric cars are hybrid cars that not only save people on fuel but are also environmental friendly as their emissions are lower compared to those from cars that use gasoline. In the Federal Hybrid Rebates, electric car users must buy the cars for their own personal use. The rebate programs available vary from state to state and the model of the electric cars as well.

The Colorado Hybrid Car Rebate users are given credit by the government to purchase vehicles for conversion to use alternative fuel. The Louisiana hybrid car rebate gives car owners a rebate of 20% of the cost of converting their cars into energy saving cars. The total credit given is calculated from the total cost of buying the car and conversion to a hybrid car. In New Mexico, car owners who wish to convert their cars are given exemption from paying motor vehicle taxes.

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