January 09, 2010

Tires for a Hybrid Car

what are the best tires for a hybrid car

Exclusive summary about Tires for a Hybrid Car by Will Treps

The tires are also designed to contribute to fuel efficiency and minimized road resistance.

Tires for these types of cars are generally low-rolling resistance tires. Every time the tire of your car needs to be replaced, always use tires that are specifically made for hybrid vehicles. Low-rolling resistance tires roll easily on the surface, reducing drag and resistance. When buying low-rolling resistance tires, see to it that they are made out of a composite of rubber particles, which create more energy efficient, stiff low-rolling tires. Instead of the high PST's in conventional tires, hybrid car tires utilize less air pressure.

There are many advantages to buying tires for hybrid car. Some drivers don't feel that the tires grip the surface well.

Recommendations on Hybrid Car Tires

It is important that you know how to assess hybrid car tires for better performance. Gas mileage is influenced more than just the weight and size of the tire. Keep in mind that rolling resistance of a tire has a bigger influence. Basically, harder tires equal less rolling resistance.

Generally, if the tire is too round or too hard, the tire-patch will be too small to adhere to the road surface effectively. The majority of hybrid cars utilize some kind of low rolling resistance tire. If you drive aggressively, for instance, then a softer tire will be ideal. Several hybrid car users suggest an absolute minimum of psi or 35 psi. Always remember, though, the safety issues regarding over-inflating your tires.

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It is equally important to focus on the tires for a hybrid car as it is to focus on the engine and other features. Hybrid vehicles are sent from the manufacturer with tires that perform accordingly in various conditions. The tires are also designed to contribute to fuel efficiency and minimized road resistance.