November 27, 2009

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Cars by Jonathan R Richards

We have hybrid dogs, hybrid flowers of all kinds and now we have hybrid cars. Oops! No big deal; I will just drive down to the grocery store again. The relatively new hybrid vehicle uses both a petroleum based fuel and a battery powered electrical system to improve the car's mileage significantly.

For example, one gallon of gas in a hybrid car will enable you to travel twice as far as if you were driving an ordinary car. Hybrid cars are much more environmental friendly. Routine maintenance is about the same for both models of cars.

What Are Hybrid Cars?

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Cars by Dr Kaustav Kumar Gogoi

Lately there has been emphasis on carbon fuel alternatives. Reducing the carbon pollution from the diesel and gasoline/petrol vehicles on the road can keep a check on global warming. As electrical energy, has no carbon emissions, it is very environment and health friendly.There are other benefits like:

1.reduced cost of fuel
reduced maintenance cost.
3.not affected by rising fuel prices.

4.minimizing environmental pollution.

Earlier experimental cars, like the solar car, had the disadvantage of having reduced power. From initial trials with solar cars or electrical cars, the hybrid vehicle has emerged. It has superior power and endurance, then the solar or solely electrical powered vehicle. Hybrid cars should contribute greatly in the future in reducing the carbon footprints of current day automobiles.

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