November 30, 2009

Why Use Hybrid Cars

Why Use Hybrid Cars

Exclusive summary about Why Use Hybrid Cars By Naomi West

Many manufacturers are designing their cars around this one feature to make them more appealing for people. One of the most common car that people feel can save them the most money are hybrids. These cars combine the use of two different types of engines in order to produce low measures of pollution.

When the car is idling or when it is traveling at low speeds it will switch to battery power. When stopping the car it uses the electric motor and what is commonly known as regenerative braking. In the standard car they used friction to stop the car - but in a hybrid car kinetic energy will charge up the battery and use the energy to stop it. When the car is idling it will automatically shut off and save fuel.

A Hybrid Decision

Exclusive summary about Why Use Hybrid Cars By Colin Langner

Toyota is a well-known brand of car built for durability, reliability, and safety of the driver and passengers. They have expanded their lines of midsized cars to include two that are hybrids. Hybrids are known for having electric engines used for extended distance without using gasoline.

Both the Prius and the Camry are hybrid cars and have an electric motor and are classified as midsize cars. Hybrids make their best fuel economy in the city since the repetitive braking regenerates the cars battery. The Camry Hybrid, which no one can tell has a hybrid motor, looks like the normal Camry and not as aerodynamic because of the body.

Another difference between the Prius and Lexus Hybrid is braking distance. As illustrated, the Toyota hybrid Prius and Camry are both built for durability, reliability, and safety.

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