December 19, 2008

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid

There are many hybrid vehicles on the market today. Unfortunately due to the unique technology they don't come cheap, developments and experiments with high powered engines made them more expensive. The perks provided by luxury cars come at a price. If being environmental friendly is this heavy on the wallet then why buy?

Hybrid vehicles may be an instant shock to the wallet but they are beneficial in the long run. Apart from SUVs and luxury vehicles there are also compact four doors that may provide an alternative for the average Joe. Following the success of the Camry, Toyota has decided to give the model a fresh new trim by turning it into a hybrid. Using Toyota's latest hybrid technology, the Camry may provide to be an alternative to expensive hybrids.

Camry facelift

The original Camry didn't give its owner many problems. It's priced right, big and powerful enough for the average Joe. With soaring gas prices, more people are willing to support and pay for hybrid technology. This prompted Toyota to hybridize its Camry to give customers a break from expensive sedans and Sports Utility vehicle hybrids.

Like other hybrids today, the Camry is equipped with a gasoline engine and electric motor combo. It has a 192 horsepower and runs at 38 miles per gallon. It still has the same accessories as of the previous Camry like alloy wheels, daytime headlights, power heated mirrors, six CD changer on the dashboard, eight way power and eight stereo speakers. The CD changer is compatible with a mp3.

It's still equipped with standard safety features such as airbags in the front, on the seat mounts for side impact, at the side curtain, and for the driver's knee.

The main difference is additional features. The hybrid Camry has a push button start system, Smart Entry keyless locking, power door locks, anti-lock out windows and the air-conditioning relies on the electric motor. It also has anti-lock breaking system and Toyota's Vehicle Dynamics Integrated System. The latter has traction and stability control with other electronic devices for vehicle control.

The Camry may not look as stylish as other luxury sedans and SUVs. But if you are looking for an affordable car that has been tried and tested this would be a good car for you. You don't really need lots of horsepower for city driving. The Camry provides the best of both worlds while still being able to be accessible for the average Joe.

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