October 20, 2008

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Sport utility vehicles have been famous for their features and looks. When they came out, the vehicle became a favorite among celebrities and people were more than willing to buy it. Unfortunately a lot of people are also against it for its size and fuel consumption. It does have the power but at the expense of your wallet and environmental conscience (that is if you have one). Fortunately Ford has decided to follow in the Footsteps of the Toyota Prius. The first ever hybrid car sold on the market.

Due to soaring gas prices, the new technology was supported and Toyota dominated the hybrid automobile market. Ford made a hybrid version of their Ford Escape which started the SUV hybrid. After the successful launch of the Ford Escape, Toyota decided to jump on the bandwagon and created the Highlander Hybrid SUV.

A step up from the Prius

Although it is not clear if Toyota earned a profit from the Prius, they still continued to develop and manufacture hybrids. Sales didn't pick up until 2004 and when other motor companies decided to make hybrids of their own it was clear that the technology was worth investing in. Toyota then decided to make a hybrid version of their commercially successful Highlander.

The highlander, like other Toyota's creations has the hybrid synergy system but with a new power train to be able to sustain load carrying requirements of the SUV. It is a formidable propulsion management system in hybrid technology that was also used in the Ford Escape. It has a 3.3 liter V6 engine and two permanent magnet electric motors with a peak power of 270 horsepower (combination of gas engine and electric motor).

The highlander comes in front wheel and four wheel drive. It has daytime running lights, power windows, tilt steering wheel, door locks, cruise control, and a radio and CD sound system with six speakers. It also has a navigational system that monitors on which and how much power it will use from the gas engine and the electric motor. The highlander is also an example of a full hybrid and can run off the electric motor alone.

The highlander, like other Toyota hybrids has regenerative braking, continuous variable transmission, anti-lock system, and Vehicle Dynamics Integrated System. It has the advanced airbag system for the driver and the passengers. The highlander can be expensive but it will be beneficial in the long run.

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