March 31, 2010

The Honda Fit Hybrid

honda fit hybrid

Exclusive summary about Honda Fit Hybrid by Adam Taiz

As of this writing the long rumored Honda Fit Hybrid vehicle seems to still be a myth at best. Nobody but Honda really knows for sure. There was a great buzz going last year about the Fit hybrid being introduced in 2008 or 2009, but that is all it was, buzz. Honda covers the hybrid niche very well.

The Insight and the coming replacement compete (and will continue to compete) well against the Toyota Prius. The Civic is a great looking, powerful car that is very affordable to many people that cannot afford the more expensive hybrid models. Two areas where Honda seems to be lacking is in the availability of a truck or SUV hybrid. Let Honda be the first to have a truly great hybrid lineup first, then go after the smaller other niche markets.

In closing, to those waiting for a Honda Fit Hybrid, do not hold your breath.

Choosing the Right Honda Hybrid for You

However, you'll need to know a bit more about the line of Honda hybrid vehicles before you purchase one. What's on the lot?

Still to Come - the Fit Hybrid and the CR-Z

Exclusive summary about Choosing the Right Honda Hybrid for You by Valerie Mellema

Debuting in 2010, Honda's set to bring two more hybrid cars to the market. The Fit is Honda's smallest and lightest vehicle for sale in the Western world. The Fit hybrid will bring even more fuel savings than those found with the Civic hybrid, due to its reduced size and weight. The CR-Z is a sporty hybrid that gives drivers an edge in both the looks and the fuel savings departments. In fact, if you've been holding off buying that hybrid just because you don't see an option you find attractive, the CR-Z will be your dream car.

Even their conventional vehicles are available in ULEV ratings, and provide dramatically reduced emissions and fuel consumption, so even those who want a conventional vehicle can still do their part for the environment.

March 09, 2010

Electric Hybrid Cars Save Money

electric hybrid cars save money

Exclusive summary about Electric Hybrid Cars Save Money by Peter Kingston

The electric hybrid car depends on the use of a combined propulsion system that consists of the assisted-function of the traditional engine and an electric battery motor. The energy recharging device of the electric hybrid car is superior because more energy can be created and stored either relying on an electrical generator or using the regenerative braking device. The motor of such a car is reduced in size than that of a regular fuel vehicle and thus, the car efficiency level is higher.

Many car owners have started recommending the electric hybrid car along with its producers as it is most efficient especially while driving through the city. The aspect that makes the electric hybrid car more convenient is that it uses a smaller internal combustion engine while increasing power from the electric motor in compensation.

A lower noise level is another major achievement of the electric hybrid car. Last but not least, the electric hybrid car models contribute to reducing gas emissions that ruin our cities' atmosphere.

Hybrid Cars Save You Money

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Cars Save Money by Amber Lowery

Consumer Reports just released a study this August that confirms that Hybrid cars will in fact save you money over the long run. Meanwhile, you will enjoy long term savings on fuel costs.

As gas prices rise, the ratio will likely change as people seeks to cut costs out of rising fuel prices. Unfortunately, if you wait too long you will no longer be able to take advantage of the tax credits that are being phased out. If you are considering purchasing a Hybrid car, you are better to do it now.

If you are researching hybrid cars, be sure to check out hybrid cars this site lists updated information on all makes and models of Hybrids available and soon to be available.

March 04, 2010

Hybrid Car Tax Rebate

hybrid car tax rebate

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Car Tax Rebate by Jackson Franklin

To encourage purchase of hybrid cars the United States Government has instituted a tax rebate program for those who buy a hybrid vehicle. The higher the increase in fuel efficiency, the higher the tax rebates.

Does Buying Hybrid Save Money?

Because hybrid vehicles cost more than conventionally powered cars the tax rebate can potentially even the playing field for hybrid cars by making up the difference. The tax rebate attempts to remove the cost barrier as a negative to driving hybrid and prompt more people to consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle and, through that increased potential demand, prompt car manufacturers to increase production and expand their offerings of hybrid models.

Granted, the production of electricity likely produces less pollution, in aggregate, than producing similar power through burning gasoline but it's difficult to argue that electricity is a pollution-free fuel source and a power source that should be relied on in future hybrid technologies.

Rebates for Electric Cars

Exclusive summary about Rebate for Electric Cars (Hybrid Cars) by Levi Quinn

Electric cars are hybrid cars that not only save people on fuel but are also environmental friendly as their emissions are lower compared to those from cars that use gasoline. In the Federal Hybrid Rebates, electric car users must buy the cars for their own personal use. The rebate programs available vary from state to state and the model of the electric cars as well.

The Colorado Hybrid Car Rebate users are given credit by the government to purchase vehicles for conversion to use alternative fuel. The Louisiana hybrid car rebate gives car owners a rebate of 20% of the cost of converting their cars into energy saving cars. The total credit given is calculated from the total cost of buying the car and conversion to a hybrid car. In New Mexico, car owners who wish to convert their cars are given exemption from paying motor vehicle taxes.