February 17, 2010

Hybrid Car Technology

hybrid car technology

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Car Technology by Donovan Baldwin

The hybrid car combines gasoline engine technology, already fairly highly advanced, with a battery/electric motor combination, which also uses technology that is well known.

The gasoline powered engine can provide higher, sustained speeds for long periods of time and recharge the battery as needed by means of a generator (more on this in a moment). The battery/electric motor can provide the power to begin moving the hybrid vehicle, continue moving it at lower speeds and can power systems such as lights, radio, and air conditioner when the vehicle is at a stop. This simple step of having the vehicle turn the engine off during idle times such as at stop signs, stop lights, drive-thrus, and stop-and-go traffic can result in quite a fuel savings by itself.

Regenerative braking is very simple in concept and turns a frequent and unavoidable expense into an asset in more than one way. In an ordinary vehicle, brake pads or shoes press against a rotor or drum to slow and stop the vehicle. This generates a lot of heat. Brake pads, shoes, rotors, and drums wear out due to the friction and heat and have to be replaced regularly. This can be expensive.

Review On Hybrid Car Technology

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Car Technology by Arindam Chattopadhyaya

The answer is Hybrid Cars which will run on alternative fuel i.e. solar battery without emission of toxic substances in nature. The future of the car, as we know, is doomed because of emission of large chunk of our greenhouse emissions, and fossil fuels set to become more costly before eventually running out.

Hybrid car these days is gaining popularity as it is not only cheap but also easily affordable. This means owing this car won’t create any environment hazards and also won’t burn hole in your pocket. But is hybrid car reliable and bankable option?

A car with Hybrid technology has two engines, side by side, under the bonnet. Seeing today’s cars we come to know that majority cars driven by one or the other engine. In hybrid car the electric engine also charges the batteries, and that neatly gets you around the old problem of electric cars of having to plug it into the mains overnight.

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