April 06, 2010

Why Drive a Hybrid Car

why drive a hybrid car

Exclusive summary about Driving Hybrid Car by Jackson Franklin

The hybrid car has been around for several years but has only recently seen a substantial increase in popularity. So what's so great about driving a hybrid car?

Environmental Impact. The obvious first place to start when talking about hybrid gas and electric cars is their environmental impact when compared to gas only vehicles.

Lower Cost of Ownership. Although the prices of hybrid vehicles are coming down they're still, on average, more expensive than normal cars. The federal government and many state governments give tax breaks to those who purchase a hybrid vehicle.

Better Choices. One of the early criticisms of hybrid cars was the lack of attractive and utilitarian models. With more car manufacturers entering the market offering a wider range of hybrids (including more popular styles like pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles) today you have almost as many choices buying a hybrid as you do buying a traditional vehicle.

Hybrid Cars - Should You Buy One?

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Cars - Should You Buy One? by Joanne Greco

A hybrid vehicle is any vehicle that combines two or more sources of power for propulsion. Recently more and more automobile companies started producing hybrid vehicles that combine the power of a gasoline engine with that of an electric motor. Most of these hybrid cars can be categorized by two ways of layout.

The other way is the series hybrid in which the gasoline engine is used to power a generator which can either produce or store power for the car batteries or supply power for the electric motor which in turn powers the transmission and propels the car. Since hybrid cars combine both electric and gas, it provides several advantages against normal, gasoline powered vehicles.