February 02, 2010

Mercury Mariner Hybrid Features

mercury mariner hybrid features

Exclusive summary about Mercury Mariner Hybrid by Thomas Jones

There are a few SUV hybrid choices out there, and the Mercury Mariner hybrid seems to be the most popular of those choices. Check out some of the features of the Mercury Mariner hybrid and what sets itself apart from the other hybrids.

58.8 miles per hour will give the consumer better gas mileage, but the nature of hybrid SUVs tend to be slower and lacking the same power as regular vehicles. The variable transmission arrangement in the Mariner also provides seamless acceleration on both the gas driven and electric driven engines.

Ford is touring the Mercury Mariner SUV hybrid as being one of the 'greenest and cleanest' vehicles they have ever designed and manufactured. The Mariner produce 1 gram of carbon monoxide per mile, nitrogen oxide at 0.02 grams per mile, and unburned hydrocarbon at 0.01 gram each mile. The fuel economy in a Mercury Mariner Hybrid comes from three different things. The Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUV is priced at around $26,000. The Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUV is definitely a good choice in hybrid vehicles.

Mercury Mariner Hybrid Overview

The Mercury Mariner Hybrid was Ford Motor Company's offering in 2006. This all-purpose vehicle has become the trendy hybrid, and it is great on gas thanks to the combination engine, a plus in this time of high-gas prices. Ford has admitted that the Mariner hybrid used the same basic features and design idea pattern that was used on one of their other hybrids, the Ford Escape.

The base design for both vehicles is heavy on the unique body style and seating arrangement, cabin devices, and specialized power train for a hybrid vehicle. The Mariner, however, is looked upon as having 'full' hybrid electric technology. The entire exterior of the Mercury Mariner Hybrid is modern, sophisticated, and very urban. The hybrid power train system was based on the technology behind Toyota's Synergy system, and overall the Mercury Mariner Hybrid is one of the best hybrid SUVs around.

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