January 23, 2010

Understanding Parallel Hybrids

understanding parallel hybrids

Exclusive summary about Understanding Parallel Hybrids by Thomas Ajava

Most people think a hybrid is a hybrid when it comes to cars. The parallel hybrid is the classic hybrid most people picture when the subject is brought up. The vehicle runs on a both an internal combustion engine and an electrical power plant. The most popular hybrid ever built is a parallel hybrid. Many people mistakenly believe the Prius was the first hybrid on the market. Honda put the first hybrid out, but failed to market it aggressively for some bizarre reason that the board must now seriously regret. Regardless, the Prius is the dominant hybrid even though it no longer qualifies for a big tax credit like many hybrids.

The car usually goes into electric motor mode. The parallel system actually charges the batteries of the vehicle in two unique ways. Parallel hybrids have become the dominant form of alternative fuel vehicle on the road, but technology is forever moving forward.

Hybrids Vs Regular Fuel Cars

Exclusive summary about Hybrids Vs Regular Fuel Cars by Bond Mejeh

Whatever your priorities are when purchasing a car, fuel economy isn't the only thing to consider when looking to purchase a hybrid car vs. gas car.

Most hybrid cars average between 33 and 60 miles per gallon during normal city driving, and between 36 and 68 miles per gallon with highway miles. However, hybrids come with a higher sales price than similar gas models. Hybrid car owners also get a relief in insurance payments. Thanks to recent technology, hybrid brakes last a lot longer than those of regular fuel cars.

Regular cars are cheaper, but tend to cost more to run. Hybrid cars are a lot higher in price, but are a lot easier to run.

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