July 28, 2009

Used Hybrid For Sale

Used Hybrid For Sale

Exclusive Summary About Used Hybrid Cars By Lauren Fix

If you are buying from a private party it is a good idea to have the hybrid car inspected by a dealer authorized for that make of hybrid. Tell the dealer you are considering buying this hybrid car and would like a pre-purchase inspection. It will cost little money for this inspection, but it will be money well spent.

A low mileage used hybrid car is generally better than a high mileage used hybrid car. Less mileage tends to mean less wear and tear on the hybrid's components. Plus, if you ever plan to resell the hybrid at some point you will have fewer miles on it for the next buyer. This does not mean that you need to be scared of a higher mileage hybrid car. There are plenty of hybrid cars that have exceeded 100,000 miles and more.

One of the biggest concerns relating to buying a used hybrid car is the hybrid battery. Each hybrid car manufacturer has different warranties for their hybrid components, varying from 8 year/ 80,000 miles for Honda products, to 8 year/100,000 miles for Toyota products. Currently replacing a hybrid battery after the warranty has expired could cost $2,000 - $3,000, although Lauren has yet to hear of someone actually paying for one in full on their own.

Used hybrid cars are not eligible for the hybrid car tax credit. The hybrid car tax credit only applies to the purchase of a new hybrid car.

Buying Used Hybrid Cars

Exclusive Summary About Used Hybrid Cars By David Smithston

When hybrid cars are sold, they should go through a CarFax vehicle inspection. If you have a choice, it would be better to choose a low mileage car than one with a high mileage.

Tax credit normally only applies to new hybrid cars, therefore if you purchase a used one, the tax credit is not applicable. Very popular among hybrid is green cars. These cars are very common as they are nature-friendly cars, this means that they are not as harmful to nature as most cars on the road today are.

July 22, 2009

Problems With Hybrid Cars

Problems With Hybrid Cars

Exclusive Summary About Problems With Hybrid Cars By Thomas Jones

1. Hybrid cars incorporate new technology.

2. Hybrids are lightweight. Hybrid cars have to accommodate large battery packs making the lighter materials necessary. There may never be "just a fender-bender" in a hybrid car.

3. Hybrid vehicles are small. Hybrid cars, at the present time, have very limited cargo and seating space;

4. Hybrids are too quiet. Taking a silently golden ride down a country road in your hybrid car sounds lovely.

5. Hybrid cars are slow on the "take off." Forget about gunning the engine to beat a train in a hybrid car. Entering onto a freeway or merging may not be as easy with a hybrid car. It was probably more daunting to decide to buy an automobile in 1920 than deciding on buying a hybrid car today.

You probably have heard all the catch phrases touting the hybrid car. You wouldn't want buyers' remorse over a hybrid vehicle.

Depreciation and Resell Value of Hybrid Vehicles

Talking about those same gas prices, hybrids have become the new trendy car on the market, so, in purchasing a hybrid, you may want to know just how much the vehicle will be worth. The best way to handle this would be to ensure that the hybrid you purchased has a low depreciation and a fairly high resell value.

As it stands, according to a number of reports, hybrids have a fantastic resell value at present, and the depreciation values have remained fairly low. Until manufacturers begin to see the advantages of hybrid vehicles, as well as the necessity that the vehicles are on their way to becoming, your hybrid will be worth a pretty penny.

Also, when looking at the depreciation values, it is important to look at the edition of your hybrid car. As time passes and these cars become more mainstream, the resell values of hybrids will begin to drop and become much less profitable.

July 15, 2009

Smaller Hybrid Cars

Smaller Hybrid Cars

Exclusive summary About Small Hybrid Cars By Della Franklin

Currently available hybrid vehicles have two main types. The first type of hybrid cars fall under what manufacturers call as parallel hybrids. The second type of hybrid is called the series hybrid. This type of hybrid car makes use of a gasoline powered engine acting as an electric generator. This generator in turn, powers the electric motor which now powers the series hybrid vehicle.

Most of the more fuel efficient hybrids are only the size of a small car. Remember that bigger engines will contribute to a heavier vehicle compared to smaller engine cars.

Smaller cars also have a smaller cylinder displacement, and with a smaller displacement, the less power is required to move the cylinders which in turn move the car's motor or engine. Note that bigger engines also require bigger cylinders. Even bigger cars require more cylinders to power them efficiently.

Top 3 Hybrid Cars on the Road

Exclusive summary About Small Hybrid Cars By Peter Chubb

Most of us rely on our cars to get us from A to B, but the fuel to mark these cars run are constantly changing and even if the petrol/gasoline goes up by just a few pence or cents a litre it makes all the difference as families live on a very small budget and the slightest change to this budget makes it so hard for a family to survive, but that does not matter to our governments as they still do not mind taxing the fuel high, especially in Britain.

The only problem that the Hybrid car has at the moment is the performance, do not expect it to be super quick, but I am sure as time goes on the technology inside will just keep getting better and better, but on the plus side second hand values of the hybrid car do not fall as much as a petrol/ gasoline version of the same model which is another way to save money as well.

July 09, 2009

Hybrid Sports Cars Are On The Way

Hybrid Sports Cars Are On The Way

Exclusive Summary About Hybrid Sports Cars By Gregg Hall

When person thinks about hybrid sports cars are the person may be thinking oh yeah those cars the ones that are awesome on gas but are poor on performance.

The Japanese auto manufactures are continuing to spend time in trying to find a way to make a hybrid car and mix it with a sports car. Subaru Mitsubishi and others are trying to progress in making a hybrid sports car.

So even though there are hybrids already on the market there are still many trying to make an electric hybrid sports car. The most well known hybrid of today is the Toyota Priapus, a gas/ electric car that will be priced at over 70 grand. The Japanese makers are not the only makers that are looking into hybrid performance.

People just want a car that gets good mpg and still will be able to be a high performance sports car.

Get Ready For The Arrival Of Hybrid Sports Cars

Now I can get excited about hybrid cars. The Japanese as always it seems are leading the way in this new segment of the hybrid industry working on cars that feature lithium batteries and electric motors. The car also still maintains decent fuel economy getting over thirty miles to the gallon.

With the recent trend to offer sports cars from the hybrid camps and the newly unveiled Tesla concept car being built by 2007 all fears that sports cars were headed the way of the designer are disappearing.

We will see high performance sports cars that will offer the best performance imaginable along with great fuel economy or not using gas at all!