January 13, 2009

Hybrids Today and Tomorrow

Hybrids Today and Tomorrow

Hybrid vehicles have gone through many changes over the years. Ever since the Toyota Prius came out, bigger and more equipped hybrids were released. The Ford Escape hybrid came out in 2004, which jumpstarted the production of luxury hybrid cars. Apart from Toyota, Honda and Ford other automobile companies such as Mazda, Nissan and recently Lexus and Chevrolet have manufactured their own hybrid creations.

Early hybrid vehicles were limited to manual transmissions and air-conditioning. The best thing that they could do at the time of Toyota Prius was add a multiple CD changer. Nowadays customers have more options with Sports Utility Vehicles and luxury car hybrids. Apart from comfort settings and additional accessories, more formidable propulsion management systems are used.

Hybridization in the present and what lies ahead.

Last year luxury sedans and Sport Utility Vehicles were released. These environment friendly cars were also fitted with all the trappings and perks of a luxury vehicle. Apart from having the latest technology from their manufacturers, such as the Hybrid Synergy System from Toyota, they are also decked out with touch navigational systems, surround sound with DVD and VCD supporting stereo systems, ventilation seats, and multiple CD changers on the dashboard.

Hybrid vehicles released last year have V6 engines such as the Lexus GS 450 and V8 such as the Chevrolet Tahoe. Gear-ratio steering, continuous variable transmission, variable suspension, and regenerative breaking are standard among luxury car hybrids.

Hybrids that will be released in 2008 feature the Cadillac Escalade. It is a two mode hybrid with 6 liter V8 engine with two motors. The Saturn Green Line Vue will also be in the line up that promises to 45% improvement in fuel efficiency. Ford will launch its first hybrid sedan with Mercury Milan Hybrid. Mercedes will also release the hybrid version of their S-class sedan. Porsche also plans to launch its four door coupe called the Panamera, using the same technology as the Cayenne SUV.

If your head is getting dizzy with all the prices of the luxury cars Hyundai will release a hybrid available at around $10,000. This will be the first full hybrid under $20,000. Honda will release a smaller and more affordable hybrid to compete with Toyota who dominates the market.

No matter which hybrid vehicle you will choose, expect more hybrids to come. In time as gas prices soar and the demand for higher emissions regulations are implemented, hybrids will eventually dominate the market.

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