May 16, 2009

Interesting Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Interesting Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Exclusive Summary About Disadvantages Hybrid Cars by Pauline Go and Anthony Bradley

Amidst the mania of new hybrid technology, people are hardly paying any attention towards the other side of the hybrid cars. It's not easy to buy and afford a hybrid car. Toyota Camry costs about $19,000 while the hybrid version of same model costs about $25,000. Whereas Honda Civic costs $15,000 and the hybrid version costs around $22,000, now that's a big money difference.

Following are some of the other possible disadvantages of hybrid cars.

• The car is quite heavy due to the advance design and other features.
Low in mileage because the engine needs more power (gas) to propel the heavy body.
Most hybrid cars use high voltage metal hydride batteries which can be really unsafe when the wires are exposed. Chances are that at the time of an accident the driver will get electrocuted.
• The battery in the car performs poorly on chilly condition.
• Hybrid cars are much slower than the other conventional gasoline cars. If speed thrills you, hybrid is probably not the right thing for you.
• The servicing of the car is quite costly and there are only a fewer authorized service stations available till now.
• The
spare parts are quite costly and difficult to find.

The Disadvantages of Buying a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are more expensive.

Only a small percentage of consumers say they will buy a hybrid for their next car purchase. That's probably because hybrid cars are comparatively expensive. Another reason is that many people are a little concerned about buying a car that depends so heavily on a battery pack like a hybrid does.

There's some doubt about the value of hybrid cars

Buying a hybrid car is just like buying a normal car. Don't expect all hybrid cars to be perfect as there is no such thing as a perfect hybrid car yet because it is still fairly new technology.

Are hybrid cars just a trend?

Called the "wave of the future," it may seem like hybrid cars are really cool cars to have right now.

Hybrid car manufacturers say their battery packs will last a lifetime, but will they?

How much does a hybrid battery cost? Of course, there's risk involved when you make any car purchase, but with the hybrid car, there are risks you never thought of. Just make sure that you are aware of this when thinking of buying a hybrid car.

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