December 01, 2008

Why Buy a Hybrid?

Why Buy a Hybrid?

Today people are not concerned about environmental issues. The campaign for global warming has made it clear that the planet can retaliate due to mankind's abuse. Science and technology have greatly developed over the years at the expense of the earth's natural resources and environment. Pollution is one of the major causes and with the continuing growth of the population; scientists are finding ways to save what is left.

Apart from environmental factors pollution can also greatly affect the health of the general public especially in the suburbs. Gas prices have also soared. Due to this people have turned to hybrid vehicles instead of the conventional four-door and SUV. Hybrid technology has developed greatly in the recent years.

The Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles work primarily by an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. It is coupled with an internal combustion engine to help it at high speeds. It also has the ability to recapture energy made from braking.

Full hybrid vehicles have computers on board to determine the best way to conserve energy and fuel. They can move using their batteries alone for power. When the vehicle is idling or coasting the engine is turned off. They can also use a combination of these power sources for efficiency. They split power paths that enable them to switch between using mechanical or electrical power.

Apart from using a different power source these vehicles can also use different fuels. They can use a mixture of petroleum and biofuels. Other hybrid vehicles can also be recharged through a standard electric wall socket.

Hybrid vehicles save on gas which leads to less greenhouse emissions. They have also been noted to reduce noise emissions. The use of electrical power decreases the wear on the engine. Contrary to what some believe their batteries are not hazardous materials and can be recycled. These batteries are also durable and rarely need replacement.

Hybrids are perfect for the suburbs. In this area you don't really need horsepower but gas mileage. Hybrids can recharge themselves when braking and only use the needed power in idle periods such as traffic. In reality you don't really need a huge amount of horsepower when driving around in the city traffic.

These vehicles also contribute to the general health of the public. Emissions don't only contribute to the greenhouse effect but also to respiratory diseases. For now, hybrid vehicles are expensive. The technology is still fairly new in the fuel dependent automobile industry.

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