December 21, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid vehicles are slowly taking over the automotive market. Environmental issues and rising gas prices have prompted scientists and companies to provide alternatives. These vehicles provide an option for consumers and reduce dependence from fuel (ex. Diesel, petrol).

Hybrid technology has been steadily developing over the past centuries. Although diesel will always be a dominant power source for vehicles, other sources are also being utilized to reduce harmful impacts on the environment and health of the general public. This gives hybrid vehicles the edge over conventional vehicles today.

It is no doubt that mankind is not only depleting the planet of its natural resources but also causing its deterioration. The development of science and technology has made Hollywood sci-fi movie sets more feasible than we thought but it also brings a lot of consequences. The development of other power sources such as vehicles and fuels are beneficial in the long run to sustain life on earth.

Hybrid electric vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles work by using an internal combustion engine which uses fuel and a rechargeable energy storage system. By using the combination of these two power sources the vehicle will be able to decrease fuel consumption, reduce pollution and noise emissions. It is different from the hybrid vehicle drive trains which uses a fuel power source and a rechargeable energy storage system.

Diesel engines are typically used to generate power for hybrid vehicles. These vehicles can also use biofuels which are renewable sources of energy. This reduces the dependence on petroleum for fuel. Decreased use of fuel leads to lesser emissions and lower costs.

These vehicles are able to recapture wasted energy and turn off the diesel engine during low output and idle periods such as traffic. The internal combustion engines are also much lighter and efficient when compared to conventional cars. The technology reduces the wear on the engine and the brakes. Contrary to popular belief hybrid electric vehicles batteries are not hazardous wastes. They can be recycled and reused.

These vehicles are suitable in urban environments where traffic is normal and there are more people in the streets. Emissions from cars are also harmful on the health of the general public.

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