May 28, 2009

How Do Hybrid Cars Help the Environment

How Do Hybrid Cars Help the Environment

Exclusive Summary About Hybrid Cars Help the Environment by John Lopez

It could be gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or coal. Two types now exist - the electric hybrid which uses an electric motor in addition to the diesel or gasoline engine and the hydrogen or water hybrid which uses hydrogen extracted from water and adds it to the fuel-air mixture of the engine.

Hybrid cars produce less gases that can cause respiratory ailments like lung cancer. Furthermore, if all cars in cities were hybrids then smog will greatly be reduced. Hybrid cars also tend to produce less noise pollution as they go.

Save the Environment - Buy a Hybrid Car & Save Money as Well

Exclusive Summary About Hybrid Cars Help the Environment by Toby Russell

What is hybrid car?

The vast majority of hybrid cars are powered by two different engines: a gasoline engine and an electric engine.

If you've done research on hybrid cars on the Internet, you've probably seen that there are two types of hybrid cars currently available. These are the Series hybrid car and the Parallels hybrid car.

With the Series type of hybrid car, the gasoline engine is used to start and stop the car. The Parallel hybrid, just like the Series hybrid, uses both a gas and electric engine. Parallel hybrid cars are more fuel efficient than are the Series hybrid cars.

How does the hybrid car increase fuel efficiency?

Hybrid cars are made up of lightweight materials. Thus, the load on the hybrid car is greatly reduced. Also, the tires of hybrid cars are firmer than are those found on regular cars.


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