October 17, 2008

What is a Hybrid Vehicle?

What is a Hybrid Vehicle?

Mankind has made a huge impact on the environment. Although science and technology are continually progressing, it is also the cause of the planet's deterioration. Natural resources are being depleted to sustain the demand of a growing population. Although we have been gifted with logic and reasoning we are also prone to excess and carelessness that will inevitably bring about our demise. Although eradicated species and holes in the ozone layer can't be restored, scientists are finding ways to help the environment and maintain whatever it has left.

One of the main contributors of pollution is cars. Transportation is a necessity so this problem is not easy to solve. Scientists and automotive companies have come up with a solution for environmental conscious customers. Hybrid vehicles were created to answer environmental issues and provide alternatives for customers.

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid vehicle is a type of automobile that depends on different power sources other than fuel (ex. diesel, petrol). These vehicles are either powered by internal combustion engines, electric motors, or a fuel cell and a rechargeable energy storage system. These types of power sources can be applied to different type of vehicles for public and private transportation.

Automotive companies today are continually developing this technology to be able to cater environmental friendly cars and deliver quality brand vehicles at the same time. They are turning to popular type of vehicles such as SUV's to expand the appeal of hybrid technology.

Hybrid vehicles were designed to reduce emissions and save fuel. With the continuing rise of gas prices and global warming campaigns, more people are searching for alternatives to decrease dependence on fuel. This technology will also contribute to the general health of the public because car emissions pose a threat to one's health.

These vehicles are able to achieve this purpose in four ways. It shuts down the diesel engine during stops or idle periods. It has a battery storage that enables it to store and reuse the energy that it has recaptured. It's able to recapture energy that is usually wasted while breaking. It relies on two power sources, the diesel engine and the electric motors to reduce fuel consumption during peak power usage.

This type of vehicle is very convenient for traffic ridden areas. It also reduces noise emissions when the vehicle is operating at low speeds. Hybrid vehicles are practical and convenient cars for everyday living in the city.

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