April 16, 2009

Hybrid Car Tax Credit

Hybrid Car Tax Credit

Exclusive Summary About Hybrid Car Tax Credit by Angela Stringfellow and Lance Winslow

You may be eligible for a hybrid vehicle tax credit if you bought a hybrid vehicle in 2008. The Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit (the name given to the tax credit for hybrid vehicles), is applicable to vehicles bought or put on the road after January 1, 2006.

Most hybrid make and models do qualify for this credit- over 40 models. However, to confirm that your vehicle qualifies, check Form 8910.

After 60,000 hybrid vehicles are sold by a particular manufacturer, the tax credit is reduced and slowly eliminated.

Buy A Hybrid Car and Get a Big Tax Break

Over 200,000 hybrid cars were sold the United States last year.

With supply is cut short due to destructive hurricanes be oil commodity will trade at a higher price. The answer is for many folks to buy a hybrid car and the Bush Administration has set forth a great plan to extend the hybrid automobile tax credits and add to that clean diesel fuel cars which are sold.

The reason that clean diesel vehicles also receive the tax credit is because the technology is such that many of these vehicles run on 30 percent less fuel than gasoline vehicles.

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