July 28, 2009

Used Hybrid For Sale

Used Hybrid For Sale

Exclusive Summary About Used Hybrid Cars By Lauren Fix

If you are buying from a private party it is a good idea to have the hybrid car inspected by a dealer authorized for that make of hybrid. Tell the dealer you are considering buying this hybrid car and would like a pre-purchase inspection. It will cost little money for this inspection, but it will be money well spent.

A low mileage used hybrid car is generally better than a high mileage used hybrid car. Less mileage tends to mean less wear and tear on the hybrid's components. Plus, if you ever plan to resell the hybrid at some point you will have fewer miles on it for the next buyer. This does not mean that you need to be scared of a higher mileage hybrid car. There are plenty of hybrid cars that have exceeded 100,000 miles and more.

One of the biggest concerns relating to buying a used hybrid car is the hybrid battery. Each hybrid car manufacturer has different warranties for their hybrid components, varying from 8 year/ 80,000 miles for Honda products, to 8 year/100,000 miles for Toyota products. Currently replacing a hybrid battery after the warranty has expired could cost $2,000 - $3,000, although Lauren has yet to hear of someone actually paying for one in full on their own.

Used hybrid cars are not eligible for the hybrid car tax credit. The hybrid car tax credit only applies to the purchase of a new hybrid car.

Buying Used Hybrid Cars

Exclusive Summary About Used Hybrid Cars By David Smithston

When hybrid cars are sold, they should go through a CarFax vehicle inspection. If you have a choice, it would be better to choose a low mileage car than one with a high mileage.

Tax credit normally only applies to new hybrid cars, therefore if you purchase a used one, the tax credit is not applicable. Very popular among hybrid is green cars. These cars are very common as they are nature-friendly cars, this means that they are not as harmful to nature as most cars on the road today are.

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