August 28, 2009

Hybrid Car Batteries

Hybrid Car Batteries

Exclusive Summary About Hybrid Car Batteries By Emilio G Varga

There are several kinds of hybrid car batteries. The production of Lithium-Ion batteries is growing rapidly. Most of today's hybrid cars use Lithium-Ion batteries as one of their power supply.

Toyota Vitz, a small compact car which is only available in Japan, uses Lithium-Ion battery packs to power the air conditioner, lights in the gauges, head lights, and the heater while the car is in idle, allowing the car to save gasoline.

The battery pack gives the vehicle 105 horsepower and reduces the car's emission to zero.

Hybrid Car Battery - The Raw Truth

A hybrid car battery is like any other battery. As mentioned above, hybrid car batteries work together with the car's gasoline engine as well as the electrical motor. As the hybrid electric vehicle battery technology progresses, more and more types of hybrid car batteries emerge.

As of now, most hybrid cars utilize a Nickel Metal-Hydride battery pack. These batteries are able to store more energy than Nickel-Cadmium batteries making them appropriate for hybrid vehicles.

Many engineers believe that future hybrid cars will utilize a Lithium battery. Lithium Polymer batteries also have a potential to power hybrid electric cars.

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Tercetual said...

To me, the future seems a bit right around the corner :) What I mean is the vision is having automobiles transition into an electric powered motor on most of the cars on planet seems quite plausible and really feasible in the near future. But, then again we have So many cars on the road as it already is these days, what will we do with every other Gas powered vehicle? Dispose of it? Use its parts? What is there to do with it? Also, my personal question that I've been asking myself is don't we want this movement to take place a.s.a.p. since it will sincerely help our environment or is it simply a matter of Gas companies paying for the electric powered motor to delay its expansion to the automotive industry since the electric alternative is by far greater than our expensive non-eco friendly gasoline.
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