August 21, 2009

Best Hybrid Car Available Today?

Best Hybrid Car Available Today?

Exclusive Sumary About Best Hybrid Car By Steve Michaels

Many car manufacturers have seen the potential of hybrid cars and have developed their own versions of this revolutionary vehicle. GM has also come out with their Hybrid vehicles as well as Ford. With many Hybrid vehicles out in the market already, a consumer may wonder which is truly the Best Hybrid car available today?

The Best Sedan Hybrid Car distinction was awarded to the latest Honda Civic Hybrid. The Best SUV Hybrid award is given to the first ever SUV Hybrid in the market, the Ford Escape Hybrid.

Voted for Best Hybrid car in terms of economy in pure fuel is the Honda Insight. Garnering the largest number of votes as the Hybrid vehicle with over all great value, performance and design, this could most probably be the Hybrid car that most likely deserves to be called as the best hybrid car available today.

The Best Hybrid Car In The Market - A Green Quandary

Exclusive Sumary About Best Hybrid Car By Ernest Jarquio

In choosing a hybrid car, what considerations will you look at? Then segregate them further by dividing the cars into compacts, mid-sized sedans, and so forth. The lists goes and on just as the list of available hybrid cars continues to lengthen.

Although the Honda Accord Hybrid and the Honda Civic Hybrid are also in the running, the Toyota Camry consistently figures in surveys made of satisfied hybrid users. The Camry Hybrid attains 34 miles to the gallon as far as EPA ratings go.

Surveys show that this hybrid is comparable to other same-sized SUVs in terms of fuel efficiency and emission-levels.

Compare the Ford Escape Hybrid now to another Toyota SUV, and you get the 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid winning by an edge, if car reviews are to be believed. The title of best hybrid car will always be relative - relative as to the type of considerations the buyer and driver will look for in his hybrid.

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