March 16, 2009

Ford Escape Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid

Exclusive summary about Ford Escape Hybrid by Thomas Jones

The Escape SUV Hybrid is Ford's only hybrid, but truly one of its kind. The Escape Hybrid comes in 4-wheel drive, or full-wheel drive models. It really is a family style hybrid.

You can always have add-ons to the Escape Hybrid through the optional Premium Packages. The 4-wheel drive and Full-wheel drive models differ in highway and city miles per gallons ratings, however.

The Full-wheel drive Hybrid has a fuel economy rating of 34 miles/gallon in the city, and only 30 miles/gallon on the highway. Ford has just one hybrid on the market, but the company might include pick-up trucks and other vehicles in their hybrid.

We hear there may be hybrid compact cars and sedans soon in their hybrid Expedition models. So if you are searching for a hybrid car or SUV, make sure you do not let the Ford Escape hybrid pass you by.

In terms of performance the Ford Escape Hybrid, equipped with an electric motor that pushes out 94hp and an I-4 fuel engine that produces 133hp results in a very powerful vehicle. Considering that Ford's preference of engines in its Escape all-fuel models is the usual V6 motor which outputs 200hp the Ford Escape Hybrid can be relatively compared.

Environmental Impacts and Fuel Mileage

With the Ford Escape Hybrid as the most cost-efficient SUV boasted by Ford Motor, it would raise phenomenal interest from car buyers particular when keeping in mind the soaring prices of fuel. The idea Ford Motor introduced is a step ahead, proving that even for a car of its magnitude the Ford Escape Hybrid is an economic and dynamic vehicle.

Other Features

The battery pack supplied with every Ford Escape Hybrid weighs around 50kg.

The Ford Escape Hybrid acquired a four out of five star rating in the NHTSA crash test on front-side impact. Car buyers may review the warranties provided before purchasing to note that the Ford Escape Hybrid includes 3-year bumper-to-bumper coverage. Being one of Ford's bestsellers, the Ford Escape Hybrid had been hugely produced in 2004 as opposed to originally-proposed figures.

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