October 11, 2009

Hybrid Electric Cars

Hybrid Electric Cars

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Electric Cars By Chuck Brown

Hybrid-electric cars got their name because they run on two different power sources--often at the same time. Hybrid Cars, otherwise known as HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) or Gas Electric Hybrid Cars, are fast becoming the choice of more and more people. For better gas mileage? This sent power to the electric motor.

The electric motor propelled the vehicle. These were called "series" hybrids. The little little gasoline engine's job was to charge the batteries, making the series hybrid more of a pure electric vehicle than not.

Some of today's "muscle car hybrids" have large gasoline engines--not much smaller than non-hybrid cars. The 2007 Lexus GS Hybrid has a total of 350 hp, with 192 hp coming from the gasoline engine.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles Are the Future of the Auto Industry

Exclusive summary about Hybrid Electric Vehicles By Yantra Vidya

Electric vehicles are more energy efficient than the contemporary vehicles wherein the electric vehicles operates at approximately 47 percent of effectiveness, while a contemporary vehicle operates at about 19 percent only.

But the electric car which can truly replace a traditional car is still in the conceptual stage as the electric vehicle would need continuous electric power from the batteries. The researchers have put forward a new electrical vehicle fitted with on board electric power storage system and means of generating power. This new type of vehicle is called hybrid electric vehicle or HEV.

The generating system consists of electric generator powered by internal combustion engine.

Researchers are optimistic about the performance of the hybrid vehicles.

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